Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Heart Faces - Wind

Well, I am back again.  Happen to see the I heart faces contest go live tonight and the first photo I thought of was an oldie but goodie.  Long hair and wind, sometimes a lovely thing.

I can hardly believe this photo was taken just about a year ago.  This was right before we cut Gooses hair, and donated it to locks of love.  We went on an impromptu photo shoot, and the wind was blowing.

Boy has she sure changed this last year. One thing is for sure, her love and kindness has not changed. She is growing her hair back out currently, to donate again. Gosh I love that little gal, heart of gold she has.

There are already some wonderful images, go check them out, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. she is beautiful and I love what you wrote about her "love and kindness." What a special young lady. And those freckles! Oh so precious!

  2. Oh my goodness Elaine. She is the absolute sweetest thing. What a doll! LOVE the picture of your princess : ). Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful! Love the little freckles, the warm wind touching her hair and the lights coming from the right. Story behind the picture is amazing too!

  4. Wowwee! I would love to know how your processed this one:) Great color!


  5. awww! this picture is pure it! :)

  6. that is such a lovely thing to do - I don't think I could let my girls cut their hair - i love their hair long! (So brave!!!)

  7. Such beautiful eyes Elaine! Black and white is a perfect choice! I love hearing about locks of love and the sweet generous spirit that prompted your dear girl to give of herself for others!

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